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A Letter from Jared & Andrea

Hello, thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are a Christian family of 4 who love spending time together and are very excited to grow our family even more! Andrea is a stay at home mommy and enjoys every minute of it! Our children, Kian and Journi, were both adopted and are so very excited to gain another sibling or two and love to say lil’ special prayers every night for their new sibling. We want you to know we support any type of contact that you may be comfortable with!

A Little about us and our favorite things!

We’ve known each other since we were 15! We reconnected a couple of years after graduation and we have been inseparable since. We have been married for ten years now and love to spend time together! We knew early on that adoption was in our hearts. In 2017 we were blessed to adopt our son, Kian. A year later, in 2018, we received another blessing and adopted our daughter, Journi. They are our entire world and we are thrilled to add another lil’ blessing to our family.

As a family, we enjoy the outdoors the most! We love going to the beach, nature preserves, sightseeing and spending as much time as possible with family and friends!  We go to church often as well and think it’s important to pray and thank the Lord each day for all his blessings! We are excited to share our lives with your child!

About Jared by Andrea

What attracted me the most when I first met Jared was his kind heart and how strong his faith in God was. Jared always makes time for his family. Even after a long work day, the first thing he does when he gets home is hug everyone at the door. Jared is a hard worker, quick learner, talented, bit of a jokester and, most importantly, a very loving husband and father! He loves to play with and take our kids to all sorts of special events. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, hunting and fishing! Jared is excited to one day teach all our kids how to play the guitar. He also looks forward to taking our next child on fishing trips for daddy and me day!

About Andrea by Jared

The first thing I noticed about Andrea back in high school was how kind, accepting, and funny she was. She always makes time for everyone and has a way to encourage and uplift others. Once people get to know her, her goofy self comes out and always makes us laugh. Andrea loves being creative and enjoys painting, drawing, making wreaths for all seasons, and making bows for Journi’s hair. She also enjoys coming up with creative games, activities and loves decorating for Halloween, Christmas, and birthday parties! She is excited to share her passion for art with our next child and looks forward to making them smile and building memories with them!

Our home in sunny Florida

We moved to Florida a couple of years ago and love our home! We plan to stay here for the long haul. Our cozy and welcoming home is in a close-knit neighborhood out in the country. It is close to the beach, parks, nature preserves and the elementary school. We have become close friends with many of our neighbors and their children. The people around us are very kind and are always there to help one another. We have plans to turn our office into the nursery however, in the meantime, we are excited to have the lil one in our room. We have two dogs, Burt and Izzy! They are the sweetest dogs you’ll meet and they love kids!

Our Kids and Family

Our Son, Kian, is  6 years old and loves anything that has to do with animals or the planets. Our daughter, Journi, is 4 years old and she loves going to the beach and playing make-believe! Our kids love it when our family visits because they like to show them around and take them to the beach. They also love it when we travel to Indiana for Christmas with family, especially if it snows because they love nothing more than playing in the snow with all their cousins! Kian and Journi are so excited to have a little sibling to include in all our adventures!

We both grew up in big close families and want to give our children the same! Our families are always there to support and love one another. We love to spend all holidays together and involve one another in everything! Our family is just as excited as we are about our adoption.

Our Promise!

We promise to raise your child up in a faith filled home that is nurturing and encouraging. We promise to raise him or her to know they can do anything they put their minds to. They will grow up knowing that they can come to us about anything and that we love them with all of our being! We are supportive of you and are open to staying in touch in any way you feel comfortable! Thanks again and God Bless!

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Jared & Andrea

  Jared Andrea
Our EducationHigh School, Purdue University High School, Cosmetology
Our ProfessionsService Manager Stay At home Mommy
Stay-At-HomeNoYes! Full time
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasion Caucasion
Some of Jared & Andrea 's Favorites
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Jared loves playing guitar, hunting and fishing!
Andrea enjoys Painting, drawing, crafting, and decorating!
Kian, our son, enjoys learning about animals and planets the most! He too loves to go fishing!
Journi, our daughter, has a huge imagination and loves creative play, dressing up and games! She also loves spoiling our dogs!

As a family we enjoy anything outdoors! We love going to the beach and to nature preserves the most! We love taking off on a Saturday and just finding new places to explore! We also enjoy having family and friends over as much as possible for a cookout or to celebrate!

Our Faith

We are Christians. We believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We pray every day as a family before meals and at bedtime. We are the more laid back type of Christians, more spiritual. We know we are all sinners and it is not our place to judge just to support and love one another! We go to church often and Kian and Journi attend Sunday school when we go and they enjoy it! All of our friends and family are believers as well so we have a lot of support through good and trying times!

Our Musical Interest

Jared loves playing the guitar both acoustic and electric! He plays anything from a nursery rhyme to country to rock! Jared loves to listen to country and rock the most and Andrea always has KLOVE on or 90's country! As a family, we love all types of music though!

About Our Home

We love it here! Our home is a three-bedroom( soon to be 4!!) two bath home with an office that we plan to make a nursery very soon! It has plenty of space for our growing family and an open layout! Our friends and family say they love coming over because our home is very cozy and welcoming! The outside of our home appears smaller than it actually is wider rather than long. The layout makes it very easy for the kids to play throughout the home and to have family and friends over! We have a large back yard with plenty of room to run and play!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

We are open to a newborn up to a year old


Yes! We are definitely happy with twins!


We would love either a boy or a girl or even both!

Sibling Group

Yes! With the oldest up to 2 years old.

In Closing

We are so excited to add to our family and look forward to sharing our love of the beach, nature and crafts with your child! Thank you so much for considering us and taking the time to get to know us!

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